Polished Diamonds

The Magic of a Diamond is in The Make of the Diamond

The beauty and brilliance of a diamond is about how well cut the diamond is, at Diamond Expedition our niche in the business is having the perfect cut stone to obtain the optical amount of brilliance.”

Bridal Rings

Wholesaling diamond for over 25 years, we have supplied thousands of diamonds in bridal rings. We have created relationships with wholesale jewelers who have the very best wholesale prices in the jewelry industry. Our Goal is to assist in this special occasion and make your buying experience as enjoyable as falling in love.

Men’s Rings

All of our men’s bands our all comfort fit rings. Choose from Gold, Platinum, Tungsten, Titanium and even customize your ring.

Rough to Polished Diamonds

Purchasing diamonds in the rough and cutting them at our cutting factory we can guarantee the finest cut diamond at the very finest price possible in the industry.

Cutting Factory

We are a wholesale diamond company who purchases rough diamonds in Kinshasa, Congo and throughout Africa. Once purchased we cut all of our diamonds at the finest cutting factories in Johannesburg, South Africa.